June 26

I’m leaving Quito this morning. I can’t afford to stay in a hotel to wait for my luggage any longer, so I’m taking a bus to the country. I’ve got one pair of damp underwear from being washed in the bathtub, a pair of jeans whose legs are wet from a shower leak, a toothbrush that I bought yesterday in Quito, my blogging machine, camera, and of course, my lucky t-shirt.

I’m not really feeling that great this morning. I think it’s either the altitude or not getting much sleep, or the combination of both. My head is throbbing and I’m feeling a bit tired and weak. My spirits are not too low, though, because I’m encouraged by the fact that I’ll be getting out of the city where it will at least be warmer. Blogging will be more sparse for a while, but I may have internet access in the next day or two. Signing off for now.



About legoldstein

I will be embarking on a journey to Ecuador on June 24th, 2012 as a traveling Robert Pinsky fellow, thanks to donations made to the BU MFA program by Bob Hildreth.
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One Response to June 26

  1. legoldstein says:

    I am on a public computer, and I can´t figure out how to post my blogs, but I am alive and well. Will post again ASAP.

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